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La Tortuga

La Tortuga is adouble-decker, 110ft. anchored & static floating hotel with room for up to14 anglers in 7 cabins. Up to 7 skiffs are available for our guests. Eachdouble cabin has its own shower with hot water, toilet and individuallyadjustable air-conditioning system. The downstairs dining room is also airconditioned with both a foredeck and afterdeck which makes this a verycomfortable home away from home. The dining on board combines the flair of thebest Continental Italian cuisine and traditional Cuban favorites. Laundry isalso available on a daily basis. Wireless internet connection is available allthe time. Fresh Water is guaranteed by a purifier (4,000 Lt/day) and generatorsare located on a small island close to the lodge which run twenty four hours,providing electricity for many 110V and 220V outlets.  




The Halcon is our recentlyrefurbished luxury yacht with a storied past. It is 75ft. long and is equippedbelow decks with room for up to 8 anglers in 6 cabins with 3 bathrooms, allfully air conditioned. There are up to 4 skiffs available for anglers. Up topthere is a large lounge with A/C, a perfect place to have cocktails betweenfishing and dinner. Meals are served on the afterdeck. The chef on Halcon setsa wonderful table. Dinners are primarily fresh seafood & fish each day, includinglobster and conch. There is also chicken, pork and vegetarian dishes for thosewho prefer . Salads and a variety of fruits are served every day as areincredible local desserts.


La Reina

La Reina is 69ft.long, air conditioned live aboard which accommodates up to 8 anglers in 4double rooms and 4 heads. Up to 4 skiffs are available for this yacht. On thelarge upper deck, meals are served by an incredible chef in a the dining room, whichis protected on bad weather days and is converted into an outdoor dining spaceon nice days. The cuisine is traditional Cuban and the majority of the dishescelebrate the native fresh fish and seafood, accompanied with beans, grains andfresh fruits and vegetables. Also in the dining area is a large cooler which isalways filled with refreshments throughout the week.  The lower deck has a large storage area to keep all fishingdiving gear, so as not to take up space in guest rooms. At the aft, there is asitting area where guests can relax, sunbathe and enjoy a typical Cubancocktail at sunset. The guides live aboard the La Reina along with the guests,and have the flexibility to travel around this huge island system to find theabsolute best fishing – this is key to the popularity of the La Reina.






Caballonesis a 75ft long yacht, fully air conditioned, which accommodates up to 8 anglersin 4 double rooms (one is a queen bed) and 4 bathrooms. Up to 4 skiffs aredesignated to this yacht. On the large upper deck meals are usually served buffetstyle by one of our talented chefs. Dinners are primarily seafood and freshfish however, there is a variety of cuisine available daily and with advancenotice we can accommodate special requests.




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