Estancia La Pelada, Corrientes. Fishing the Corriente and Parana Rivers Delta.


Estancia La Pelada is located on the Corriente River, 35 kilometers up river from the small town of Esquina. This lodge is appropriate for anglers, hunters, bird watchers and horseback riders.  Although this Spanish Colonial style estancia has an ancient feel, it is only about 40 years old. The estancia holds eights guests in elegant European style rooms all with private baths.

Meals are either served in the large dinning room or in the gallery outside. The riverside pool and gallery offer a natural way to wind down after a long day on the river or after touring the marshlands on horseback.  Meals are cooked in the traditional Argentine fashion including delicious specialty meats and fruits from the region which are complimented by the best wines from the province of Mendoza. For groups larger than 8 persons we use La Pelada's sister lodge, Posada Hambare, located in the town of Esquina on the Corriente River. This lodge has 20 rooms and can hold as many as 50 guests.


Fishing:  The Corriente, Parana River Delta and the main Parana are the three waters we fish.  The Corriente River runs along the estancia's property only 100 yards from the lodge.  Much like trout tactics, fishing on the Corriente is done by wading as well as slowly floating while casting 5 inch streamers to structure on the banks. Mouths of  small channels and the top of  runs always hold fish.  Two anglers may cast simultaneously and comfortably from 17 ft motorized skiffs. While fishing the endless labyrinth of vegetation and water in the Parana Delta and Corriente, anglers can expect to hook several fish in the 7-12 lb range and possibly

fish in the 17-20lb range. Fishing the main Parana is only done from the boat casting to the shore. Fish here are generally larger than in the deltas and Corriente River.  Flies can be purchased by placing an order no less than one month in advance of the arrival date. 

  Guides are local Argentines with extensive knowledge and experience on these complex waters. Unlike Patagonia,

not all guides in this region speak  English.  Those that do not are accompanied by a translator or assistance bilingual guide.  


Sample itinerary for one week:  


6 nights, 5 days fishing   

Day 1  Arrive Santa Fe Airport from Buenos Aires. Guides meet you and 

  drive you 4 hours to Estancia La Pelada.  

Day 2-5  Fish the Corriente River, Parana River or the Parana River Delta

Day 6   Repeat any section -- and/or possible dove hunt

Day 7  Possible ½ day fishing on the Corriente River. Depart for Santa Fe Airport.



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