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Flyfishing is one of the most delicate sports in the world.  Fly fishing for fresh atlantic Salmon or trout in some of the clearest of waters in Iceland, fighting the golden Dorado in Argentina, throwing a fly in front of a giant Tarpon in the crystal clear flats of Cuba or skating a dry fly over Steelhead in British Columbia, it is so hard to decide where to go next.  Our aim is to cover all year with top quality fly fishing for the traveling angler with top quality destinations and first class service.


Our years of experience in Iceland will give our clients the best service possible.  Our goal is to handpick the best possible options for our clients to fish for atlantic salmon and trout.  Our record of returning clients says it all...


It is fantastic now to be able to provide our clients with top of the class sea run browns in Rio Grande and Rio Menendez in the newly renovated Aurelia lodge as well as the top beat of the mighty Rio Grande on the Chilean border at Cameron.  




 For the ones that don´t like waders and cold weather, we are offering in cooperation with Avalon - Cuban fishing center some of the best saltwater fishing known to man..  Many options of accommedation are availeble in Cuba.  Our clients can stay at a yacht that will take them to varius flats.  Also there are comfortable hotels where clients can stay.



The Galapagos is a place you can now enjoy without siting infront of the television watching national Geographic channel.  The Galapagos is probably one of the best place in the world where you can fish for 150 - 200 pound Striped Marlin on a fly.   Yes...  On a fly..  Live a dream by going to the Galapagos fight giant Marlin and see with your own eyes the fantastic nature and wild live you can not experience anywhere else in the world.


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In a cooperation with Z-boat lodge in Terrace BC we are offering a mixed bag of Steelhead, King salmon, Coho, Chum, sockeye and pinks.  All depending on which time of the year fits you best.  With they´r long fishing season and variety of rivers we are always able to get you into a fish.  Experience the most beautiful nature and wild live along the rivers.   The riverfront lodge with a fantastic view and wonderful food and top quality service will make you want to come back year after year.. 





For further information please contact Rafn Alfreðsson This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   or feel free to call me on my mobile 00-354-824-6460