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The Midfjardará. Wild is the future.

I have been traveling a lot for the few weeks and months, meeting a lot of clients and nice people which all share the same interest in fly fishing like myself.  In the last few days I met a big group of people that are really into atlantic salmon fishing.. After discussions regarding salmon fishing in Iceland and elsewhere there was one thing I could find was like a red thread through out our conversations and actually one good friend pointed out..   Wild is the future.  


I am really thankful for that the landowners of the Midfjardará share the same ideas as myself when it comes to hatchery and stacking smolts into the Midfjardara river in Iceland.. We are not interested at all...  We want the Midfjardará to be wild..   We believe that making the Midfjardará a fly fish only river, releasing all fish above 70 cm and taking only a reasonable number of grilse will make the river the best option for salmon anglers in Iceland.  





More and more Icelandic rivers have now taken up the smolt releasing programs to get better catch numbers. The worst thing maybe about it is that it is badly regulated and it is known that fish are moved between rivers in numbers to be able to increase the total numbers at other rivers.  Mixing up genes and interfering with nature is not what we want to do with the Midfjardará.  



Keep them wild.. 




We believe that in the future anglers through out the world will seek wild salmon instead of hatchery / farm raised fish.. 




Catch and release all big salmon..  




Wild is the future...  



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