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Availabilities in Midfjardará
Sunday, 19 April 2009

Our booking are going great for the Midfjardará..  It seems like people are really happy with the river being fly fishing only for the first time ever, also our policy of releasing all big fish back into the river.  We now only have a few availabilities in august and then there is one rod available in september.  Please contact me for further information regarding prices and details.  



30 - 02 august   2 rods

02 - 05 august 2 rods

08 - 11 august 4 rods

11 - 14 august 4 rods

20 - 23 august 2 rods

23 - 26 august 2 rods

26 - 29 august 3 rods

10 - 13 september 1 rod


Wild is the future.. 






Danish fly fishing festival
Sunday, 19 April 2009

I just finished the Danish fly fishing festival.  I would like to thank all the great people I met there and hope to see some of you in Iceland this year..  The weather was great and a lot of people standing by the casting pools trying out different rods dreaming about big fish and good times.  



Tigt lines...  


Galapagos Marlin report...
Sunday, 05 April 2009

March started as a fantastic month and showed some very solid fishing.  The water remained warm and fluctuated only from 80 to 85 F on average. Most days showed flat calm seas and a few had low chops but nice weather nevertheless.  Many anglers experienced their first marlins. The reports from March 16 to March 27 were submitted by Pete Santini aboard the Sea Hands.  March 29th on were submitted by myself.








The Midfjardará. Wild is the future.
Monday, 30 March 2009

I have been traveling a lot for the few weeks and months, meeting a lot of clients and nice people which all share the same interest in fly fishing like myself.  In the last few days I met a big group of people that are really into atlantic salmon fishing.. After discussions regarding salmon fishing in Iceland and elsewhere there was one thing I could find was like a red thread through out our conversations and actually one good friend pointed out..   Wild is the future.  


I am really thankful for that the landowners of the Midfjardará share the same ideas as myself when it comes to hatchery and stacking smolts into the Midfjardara river in Iceland.. We are not interested at all...  We want the Midfjardará to be wild..   We believe that making the Midfjardará a fly fish only river, releasing all fish above 70 cm and taking only a reasonable number of grilse will make the river the best option for salmon anglers in Iceland.  




Dream river.
Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dream river.


By Harry Thurston

First published, Scandinavian Review ( spring/summer 1997)


Do you dream about catching fish?" Itseems like a strangely occult question coming from a Minister of theEvangelical Lutheran Church, but then, for one week every July, Gudni Olafssonis not only a spiritual guide to his 1400 parishioners along the valley of theMidfjardara River in northern Iceland but a practical guide to foreign salmonfishers like myself, who come here in quest of its fabled fish.





Trout fishing in Iceland.
Wednesday, 18 March 2009

For all you trout bums that are looking for high numbers big fish and great experiences, Iceland has more to offer than just atlantic salmon.  Many places in Iceland actually hold trophy trout weighting from 2 - 20 pounds.  Mixing up a week of brown trout and arctic char can be a very good option. Some of the places you do not need a guide while other places it will be a must, at least to get you going for the first couple of days.  


A nice arctic char.. 


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