Photos From Our Hunting Trip

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We have gathered up some very interesting hunting options for the traveling hunter. Instead of having to many destinations to choose from, we have decided to focus rather on fewer destinations but then again maybe more adventures. We also only work with landowner, outfitters that we trust 100% for our clients, and where we are sure that they will live their dreams. We are on the other hand always looking for more options for our clients, so you can always expect us to add some new, adventures to our programs.

We are working with a landowner, hunting guide in Namibia which we have years of experience of. That is actually from where the idea came of going into this business full throttle. Many satisfied clients who have had the hunt of their lives have gone with us to Namibia for big game hunting and sometimes with a shark fishing combination for a few days. For a first class Big game hunting trip, Namibia is the place.

We are working with a few landowners, outfitters in Argentina. It was a pleasure to be able to add Los Chanares and Sierra Brava, dove hunting lodges to our program this year. It is the place to go dove hunting. Los chanares is a 5 star lodge with excellent staff and the´r fields are some kind of field / golf course mix with pnly down to 3 - 5 minutes walk to the nearest blinds, where the dove show up in such numbers you will not belive unless seeing it by yourself. As they say themselves "They are the best".

Sierra Brava is a newly renovated lodge with an old soul. You will find doves there in flocks that are unbeliveble. It took Rafn ( our manager only 3 hours to get into the 1000 doves club in Sierra Brava in may 2008) it took his shoulder 3 days to recover.. Try Sierra Brava for a thrilling 3 days of dove hunting.

We are also pleased to be working with Estancia El Lunar. A well established lodge with ducks and geese in huge numbers. Probably some of the best duck and goose hunting available in Argentina.. They also have Perdiz, doves and Pigeon which gives the hunters a variety of hunting each day. A perfectly managed lodge by Mónica Orazi and her nice staff. In cooperation with Monica we are also able to take our clients for big game hunting in some very interesting estancias in Argentina.

In Ecuador and Peru, we are working with a very professional outfitter that has years of expirience of guiding and offering clients the perfect hunt. We can offer both big game hunting and wingshooting in Ecuador and Peru.