Bair´s Lodge

Bair´s Lodge


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Bair´s Lodge


  • Perfectly situated with access to the Southern Flats, the intricate creek systems and the fabled West Side.
  • Diverse fishing grounds offer unprecedented options in inclement weather and wind.
  • The West Side offers one of the best opportunities in the world to land double digit bonefish. You'll see them!
  • Fish see little pressure-it is not unusual to see fish turn to eat flies that land just short.
  • Excellent wading opportunities.
  • Veteran guide staff is one of the best in the Bahamas. An excellent flat in front of the lodge when the tide is right.
  • A saltwater classic since 1989, providing the highest levels of service and comfort, and getting better each year.
  • A la carte menu with exception fresh, local dishes.

Bair's Lodge is located on the eastern side of South Andros Island, in the Bahamas. Congo Town is the nearest town, just 10 minutes drive from the lodge.

Andros Island is the largest island in the Bahamas, and still one of the least developed. This unique and unspoiled island is divided by inland creeks and large channels, called bights. Bair's Lodge is situated between Deep Creek and Little Creek, neither being more than a 5 minute boat ride from the Lodge. These creeks open out into a broad area of inland flats, with hundreds of small cays and connecting channels covering over 120 square miles.

The pace of life on the island, as with the rest of the Bahamas, is very gentle. On South Andros Island the local community is relaxed and very family oriented. Small-scale commercial fishing, for fish and lobster, is the mainstay of the island.

The Fishing

Andros has long been synonymous with the biggest bonefish in the Caribbean. The south and west of the Island have built a reputation as the place to try for a 'Giant'. The flats in Andros are some of the largest and most varied in the world, offering opportunities to both wade and fish from the boat in the ocean flats or creeks and bights. This incredible choice of classic bone-fishing environments, as well as the numbers and size of the bonefish, is what makes South Andros the bone-fishing capital of the world. Bair's Lodge, famed for its access to the vast and largely under-fished flats of the south and west, is strategically situated between the South Bight and Water Cays, near Little Creek. This location gives our guests easy access to the flats of the south, while providing many sheltered locations, irrespective of wind direction. In addition, from Bair's Lodge, guests have the opportunity to try for occasional Permit and Tarpon, as well as offshore and reef species such as Wahoo, Tuna, Dorado, (Seasonal Billfish), Snapper, Barracuda, and Grouper. Offshore fishing should be arranged in advance or once at the lodge. Offshore fishing does have an addition cost.

Every morning you step out of the lodge into a boat and can be fishing within a few minutes, or you can choose to ride further a-field to explore the more remote, pristine white sand flats Andros is famous for. Deep Creek and Little Creek, a few minutes run from the lodge, open into large bay areas dotted with many small cays. Here there are always flats that offer protection from the wind. Both creeks allow access to the fabled West Side and other remote cays to the south and south-west that may provide lucky anglers with the possibility of trying for Permit and Tarpon to complete the famous "Grand Slam". The Southern Flats are home to some of the largest schools of Bonefish. Grassy Creek is a 40 min boat ride from the lodge. Weather permitting you can ride on to Hawksbill Creek and onto Cistern Point. This area sees little fishing pressure and is regarded as the place to come for great numbers of fish. The flats stretch as far as the eye can see and wading next to these huge schools is the experience of a lifetime.