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  • Midfjardara Lodge



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    The Midfjardará River


    • Fishing seasonis June 15 to September 22.
    • 115 km river, over 220 named pools, double bank, 6 - 10 rods.
    • Average seven years catch 3300 salmon
    • 6000 salmon landed in 2015 season
    • Volentary catchand release policy
    • Full service lodge with 10 bedrooms
    • One guide pr 2 rods.

    Midfjardara, known in Iceland as “The Queen of the Rivers” this stunning river with its gin clear water has over 200 named pools, and with only six to ten rods that rotate over five beats it ishard not to feel that you have this cracking river to yourself.

    The main river also has three tributaries, the Nupsa which is perfect for finding pots and pools, the Vestura and the Austura thatfeatures the famous canyon section which, although a hike, is well worth it asit is a beautiful part of the river. The joy of the Midfjardara is that there is so much water to fish that even if one opts out of the canyon section on the Austura there are numerous different pools to fish.

    The Midfjardara is perfect for those that like to use single or small double-handed rods with floating line and smallflies or hitch-tubes. The main run of the river is predominantly made up of grilse but in the early season the majority of fish tend to be multi-sea-winterfish in the 10 to 18 pound range. Professional english speaking guides will take the anglers in a 4WD vehicle to the river every day for a new experience.

    The lodge has 10 bedrooms with ensuitefacilities, so a full rod will ensure a private room. The lodge is well managedand has one of Iceland's finest chefs in the kitchen. Also featured is a diningroom, lounge, bar, wader room and outside Jacuzzi for those that want to unwindat the end of the day.


    Permit for one rod covering four to sevendays fishing noon to noon giving 3 to six full days fishing; fullaccommodation, board and lodging for one person based on single occupancy;guide fee ( 1 guide pr 2 rods ).

  • Salmon Fishing

    Salmon Fishing


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    Salmon fishing


    • Fishing season early June to late September.
    • Prime time end of june until mid august.
    • Over 100 rivers to choose from.
    • Majority of rivers medium size and gin clear.
    • Recommended rods 6-8 wt, 9-10ft
    • Full service lodges, self-catering lodges or self-drive.

    Iceland has over 100 gin clear salmon rivers to choose from. Majority of Icelandic rivers are medium size rivers.

    Salmon fishing in Iceland is usually a very visual sport and the salmon will often be keen on taking surface flies.

    Small flies and skated hitch tubes are highly recommended for salmon fishing in Iceland.

    Book your salmon fishing trip to Iceland with a trusted, fully licensed travel company to maximize your chances of a trip of a lifetime.

    Fishing & Hunting Destinations only work with highly experienced guides and drivers to make sure that your fishing trip will be as good as possible.

    Self Drive or full board accommodation trips.

    No matter if you are looking for a self drive, self catering or fully guided 3-6 day trip with full board accommodation we will set up the fishing trip of your needs.

  • Sydri Bru



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    Sydri Bru


    • Season 24 June to 24 September

    • 2.5 kms beat. One rod

    • Average catch: 120 salmon

    • Very comfortable self-catering lodge (catering available)

    • Guide available

    The Sog river lies in the south of Iceland, around a one hour drive to the east from Reykjavik. It is the largest spring-fed river in Iceland and runs from Lake Thingvallatn to its junction with the glacier-fed river Hvita although, due to hydro-electric installations, only some 12 kms are passable by salmon.

    The Sog has a healthy population of salmon and arctic char. Most of the salmon are grilse in the 5 – 10 lbs range but a fair number of multi-sea-winter fish are caught each year ranging up to [25] lbs. The char average [1 lb] but run up to [8] lbs.

    The Sydri Bru beat is the private left bank of the top [2.5/3] kms of the fishable section of the river and fishes one rod. It has [8] pools although the majority of fish are caught in the top (home) pool. Annual salmon catches on the beat range from [110 to 240] fish. Fishing is with either single-handed or light double-handed rods and floating lines.

    As the water level in the river is controlled by the hydro-electric dams above the beat, low water, even in a dry summer, is not a problem.

    The lodge at Sydri Bru is a self catering lodge, but full on board accommodation can be arrange up on request. The Lodge it is unusually spacious and comfortable for a fishing lodge with a large kitchen and sitting/dining area (with WIFI and TV), three double bedrooms and a family bathroom. The lodge is a short drive from the town of Selfoss which has a number of good restaurants and convenient shopping.

    If our guests like the privacy at the lodge but rather like some fine dining instead of self catering,  Grimsborgir restaurant is only 5 min drive from the lodge. Grimsborgir restaurant welcomes our guest to therestaurant and bar.

  • Trout Fishing

    Trout Fishing


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    Trout fishing


    • Fishing season April 1- october 20
    • Trout species, brown trout, char, sea run trout
    • Self cateing / self drive fishing trips.
    • Full board accommodation fishing trips.
    • Many lakes and streams choose from in spectacular scenery.
    • Huge Ice Age Brown trout.
    • Every year several Brown trout up 10kg are landed.
    • Higland fishing in unike environment for Char and Brown trout.
    • Some of the most experienct guides in Iceland.

    Fishing & Hunting Destinations offer various custom made trout fishing tours in Iceland. The trout fishing tours are usually 3 to 6 days and the main species are arctic char and brown trout. In April, May, September and October we also offer great sea trout fishing in the south part of Iceland.

    Fishing & Hunting Destinations specialize in custom made fishing tours in Iceland. So no matter if you are a single angler or leading a big group of anglers we will always do our best to find the best options depending on the time of year you want to visit Iceland for some world class trout fishing.

    Here are some of the options that we have to offer.

    The Midfjardara river arctic char beat

    The Midfjardara has a private arctic char beat on the final three kilometers before it enters into the North Atlantic. The char beat is fished with 3 rods only. The beat is one of the few places in Iceland were you can fish for sea run arctic char with a good chance of hooking into a salmon or two.

    Private accommodation in nice three bedrooms self catering lodge is included in the price and the 3 rods are always sold as one package.

    The highlands of Iceland

    The highlands are just a unique place to fish. Fishing & Hunting Destinations offer a number of options to fish these fantastic, remote areas. For those who are up to more than a fair amount of walking, you are guaranteed as good as untouched streams and lakes, teaming with good-sized trout and arctic char. Self catering cabins or even tented camps can be provided. We pride ourselves with some of the best Icelandic guides to take care of our clients whilst in Iceland.

    Monster Ice Age trout fishing in Iceland

    Fishing & Hunting Destinations offer several dates in May and June were the main focus is the big ice age trout in lake Thingvellir. Every year several brown trout over 10 kg are caught and a 5 kg trout is not uncommon. The Ice age trout tours will always be fully guided and accommodation is provided in the package.